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Colin laws truesoul sales


Ok back from my holidays thought I would share some sales been a few added to the site as well by a few vendors.

1 Marlboros, my love is a sunny day, ando, £600 cracking driving up front rare soul tune tough one has not turned up in numbers 

2 Yvonne baker, you didn’t say a word, cameo parkway stocker £1200, this is the rare stock copy of this iconic oldie we never tire of 

3 Judson Moore, everybody push and pull, Capri m- £150 what a cracking up front tune tough one 

4 gene Woodbury, that’s not half bad, Del val £100 

5 buster jones, down silent street, Phil la soul £50 sublime and now getting lots of action here is a cracking white demo 

6 The blossoms, That’s when the tears start, reprise Jimmy Bowen / van McCoy Classic Ex £45

7 Sir Mack Rice, it’s alright, Mercury, £50 old allanton cover up cracking tune 

8 festivals, you got the making of a lover, smash £50 sublime 

everyone one should have this in there collection wow 
9 The soul clinic, so sharp baysound, £80 what a double sider both you can listen to on 
the my site www.truesoul.co.uk

10 JR Bailey, love won’t wear of, Calla, £45 

11 Willie  Williams, Name it, RCA £70 what a fantastic tune little bit special devo a Detroit sound 

12 Roz Ryan, your my only temptation, Volt records hestor wylie and don davis you just know this is going to be special tough record to find some label damage vg+ £100 very special record 

13 Donald Jenkins, somebody help me, cortland, £65 

14 mike McDonald, god knows, RCA getting lots of attention £90 

15 Bobby Reed, I’ll find a way, Loma, £100 sublime in every way one of the best and for me very tough to find cracking 

For lots more like the above and many more added by our other vendors just go to www.truesoul.co.uk 53 pages of soul music and books please give it a go there is something for everyone.

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