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Selection of July radio show plays ...


Another selection of vinyl which went out over the airwaves during July.  Typical of Andy's 2 hour radio show every Monday,  the choice once again is eclectic, jumping and switching across the Soul music genres, including new/recent releases.’  



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1.   Lawrence & Jaibi  ‘You make me feel good’ (Diggin Deep)

2.   Tuesday Weld  ‘Are you the boy’ (Plaza promo)

3.   Pervis Lee  ‘You don’t care’ (Leeway)

4.   The Chaumonts  ‘When you love someone’ (Bay Sound promo)

5.   Jo Jo Murray  ‘Your love’ (I B Productions)

6.   6AM  ‘Missing you’ (Sundae)

7.   James Reese and the Progressions ‘Fool for love, no more’ (Najma)

8.   Mayer Hawthorne ‘A long time’ (Universal Republic)

9.   Unknown ‘walk with Dionne’ c/u

10.  Pepe Deluxe  ‘Girl’ (Catskill)

11.  Eli Paperboy Reed ‘do it again’ (Fine Wine)

12.  Clifford Binns  ‘You’ve got to help me’ (Carrie)

13.  Nate Evans  ‘The look on your face’ (DPR)

14.  The Tams  ‘Take away’ (Probe)

15.  The Love Rights  ‘Talk of the town’ (Kimberlite promo)

16.  Rickie Page  ‘I’m his girl (no one knows him but me)’ (Epic radio station)

17.  Truly Smith  ‘My smile is just a frown turned upside down’ (Decca demo)

18.  Valerie & Nick  ‘Lonely town’ (Glover)

19.  Art Jerry Miller  ‘Got to get home’ (Diggin’ Deep)

20.  Charles Johnson  ‘Never had a love so good’ (Alston promo)

21.  The Marvels ‘Someday we’ll be together’ (Gas)

22.  Daytoner  ‘Sicka’ (Cabin Pressure)

23.  Barbara Lewis  ‘The stars’ (Horace’s)

     24. Jaibi  ‘It was like a nightmare’ (Diggin Deep)

Edited by Andybellwood

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