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Selling up ... Question

On 29/07/2019 at 20:03, Dave Pinch said:

really..i sell a few `dregs` on there..usually things that i cant sell elsewhere go on discogs or ebay and are low cost items so ive never noticed that 20% extra hit..but if what you speak is true and i will be looking once i get my next bill..it seems its not worthwhile putting them on there if they are gonna take so much of the pie..i would give that advice to anyone also thinking of doing the same

It's not 20% of the total sale, it's 20% VAT charged on their 8% sales fee. So, 20% of 8% = 1.6% (so fees are now 9.6%) - on a £10 record you're paying an extra 16p.

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On 29/07/2019 at 21:44, Blackpoolsoul said:

Just have a look at previous invoices Dave, they add it on to the final bill and the send to HMRC. Just remember though that because it's all in $$ then since the Brexit thing your bills are becoming much much less as Discogs charge in $$ and it's now MUCH cheaper to sell on there (other sites are available:):)

Not sure that bills are going down - if you're charged 10% sales fee, then 10% is 10%, regardless of whether the bill is in dollars or pounds. You sell your record for £10, fee is 10% = £1. Converted into dollars, then back into pounds - doesn't really make any difference what the exchange rate is, you'll still pay the same fee. Except paypal will rip you off with their crap exchange rate... 🤔

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On 28/07/2019 at 23:56, JoeSoap said:

I'd list the rarer stuff on here tbh. Sold loads here (mainly under a previous account) and hardly ever had a problem other than massively regretting doing so now!

Unless you need the money, I'd recommend putting them away somewhere for a couple of years and see if you miss them. Because once they are gone, at today's prices, you can forget getting them back!

Good luck!



That is very good advice !! think very very carefully my friend 

and yes good luck 

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