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Dave Moore

Alto TS315 Powered Speakers.... Any good?


Am looking at creating a 4000w Soundrig from scratch and am considering a pair of the Alto TS300 powered speakers at the 'sharp end'. Has anyone got them and could offer up advice on their performance and reliability. 

I already own a passive rig that I customised piece by piece and am very happy with that but this new rig will be my first venture into powered speakers.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 



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I had 4 pairs of powered Alto 15” speakers 3 of the tweeters went pop quite quickly. I got them fixed and a friend had them off me and they have worked perfectly since.

Best powered speakers I had were QSC K series but they are a lot more expensive 👍

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Btw mine were TS115s I think off hand as was a while ago 👍

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Have you considered an array set up? 

If I was still gigging out I would, extremely portable and better sound quality.

This JBL set up can be daisy chained I believe but there are lots of others with this type of set up and these type of systems fill the room rather than the narrow angle set up you get with 15” speakers 👍

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Hi Richard, 

I use an array set up for the benidorm Soul Fiesta but that pumps out up to 30,000w and is a combo of Live performances and DJs. Is there a company that manufacture an array system that pumps 4000w?  

I'm also looking at the Mackie's but they don't seem to pump out the same power as the Altos?



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Dave the small array systems like the JBL one in the link are not as powerful but you can daisy chain to link up a couple of pairs and because of the way they spread the sound sometimes less is more i.e one set at the front of the room and one set half way or at the back of the room sounds a lot better than one set of really powerful speakers blasting out at the front as you need to hit the back.

There are lots of these type now - RCF, Bose, FTB and lots of other quality manufacturers.

Also with this type of set up theres a lot less chance of any bass rumble feeding back when playing off record decks

Admitted though they would be more expensive than the Altos but the sound quality would be so much better, my best advice would be pop in to a store and compare.

Of course the bottom line is budget but just thought would suggest so you could consider 👍

Edited by Richard

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