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Performance contracts - William Bell, Tyrone Davis etc.

Over the past few months I've been working to secure some large collections / estates of original soul related music industry memorabilia from the 60s to early 70s. Original performance contracts are currently being offered for sale at A Nickel And A Nail. This is your chance to own some unique pieces of history in set-sale. Examples of this week's additions (there are many more, Mark IV, Candi Staton etc) are listed below.

To see the full memorabilia section with sample images and prices go to https://a-nickel-and-a-nail.myshopify.com/collections/memorabilia


William Bell - 1973 performance contract (Civic Center, Durham, North Carolina)

From the Walden Artists and Promotions / Paragon estate. Contract for an appearance at the Civic Center, Durham, North Carolina in October 1973. Signed by the artist. Package consists of original contract and a deposit rider, outlining fees, deposit, venue details and terms and conditions. Reference within contract is also made to Henry Wynn. Wynn was William Bell's Atlanta based manager, co-partner in Peachtree label and headed Supersonic Attractions agency responsible themselves for major R&B tours through the south a few years previously. Contract in very good condition, no tears and minimal creasing. 


Tyrone Davis - 1973 performance contract (Carlotta Club, Greensboro, North Carolina).

Performance contract for Tyrone Davis (and band) for an appearance at the Carlotta Supper Club, NC in November 1973. Package contains original contract and deposit rider, attached; outlining venue details, fees, deposit value, terms and conditions. Signed by representative for Tyrone Davis (not by artist). reference in contract to Carl Davis, his manager at the time. Contract in very good condition, minimal folding / creasing and no tears etc.


Betty Wright - 1973 performance contract (Elks Club, Georgia) and letter to Zelma Redding.

Original performance contract for a January 1973 appearance by Betty(e) Wright. This was around the time she had a string of top 10 and 50 US R&B chart hits including "Baby sitter", "Is it you girl" and "I'm getting tired baby " and "It's hard to stop" and the Alston LP "I love the way you love". This package contains the original contract, five office carbon copies and five deposit riders. Contents outline deposits payable, artists fees and terms and conditions of that time. Also included in package is a handwritten note from the customer to Zelma Redding (wife of Otis Redding) who was a Paragon booking agent, requesting a change to the Betty Wright date. Within the letter there is also reference to the New York soul group Mark IV, who were booking at around the same time. Documents are in very good condition, with only minor creasing and very acceptable for age.

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