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Andy Reynard

20 mixed Soul records

20 soul records for a Tuesday


Jimmy Bailey

Pains of Love

Columbia demo

Vg++ £30


Johnny Baker

Shy Guy

Fog city

M- £10


Darrell Banks

Angel baby

Atco 45-6484

Vg++ £75


Darrell Banks

Somebody somewhere needs you


Vg++ £25



Darrell Banks

Our Love is in the pocket/ open the door to your heart

Revilot Vg++grey styrene original



Tyrone Barkley

Man of value

Midsong M- £50


Barnaby Bye

Can’t live this way

Atlantic demo 


Minter £30


Ortheia barnes

I’ve never loved nobody

Coral Vg++ underrated  class

£25 SOLD!


The Barrino Brothers

Trapped in love

Invictus Vg++ £50


Towanda Barnes

Love slips through my fingers

What a great cover

Jo - mar Ex £40 SOLD!


Archie bell

 Old People


Ex £30


Madeline Bell

Picture me gone


Ex £15


Donny Beaumont

Don’t make me go now


Ex £15


Jackie Beavers

Come back my love

Nation Ex £70 SOLD!


Walter Bee

Angel Man


Ex £20


Madeline Bell

Don’t come running to me

Philips Ex 25  SOLD!


The Belles

Don’t Pretend

Mirwood M- £180 


The Belles 

Dont Pretend

President Ex £20 SOLD!


Gil Bernal

Can you love a poor Boy

Rca Victor Vg++ £70


Bob Brady

Illusion Chariot Vg++

Label bubble £20


Pm Me for details photos on request

Atb Andy

Edited by Andy Reynard

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