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Many Thanks Re Colin Chapmans Funeral (12-8-19)

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On behalf of Mary and her Family And Close friends i would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to ALL those people who attended Colins Send Off and made for a fitting tribute to a lovely Man. There were the usual people you would expect to be there (other than Close Family and Friends) From the Northern Soul Scene and even those that got to know them while at Car Boot Sales and Record Fairs and whilst chatting to them becoming good friends. They made many friends through the Record Shop Mary and Colin had In Lincoln Too and of course the Pair of them will  ALWAYS be remembered for giving us the Two Events that changed mine and so many other peoples lives, The Cleethorpes Pier And The Cleethorpes Winter Gardens Dayers and Niters, We Can't Thank Them Enough for that. There are a few photos that will be making there way onto FaceBook and a big Shout Out To John Manship who got all the Original DJs that were able to attend together later on at the Wake for a Group Photo ( Chris Dalton-John Manship - Poke - Rick Todd - Soul Sam - Rick Scott )And one that included the Queen Herself Mary Up front of us all which was posted  up within minutes and the 'LIKES' started to come in.( I Hope i didn't miss anyone from the line up and if i have will edit later ) There were many people there i had not seen for a few years and was lovely for them all to be there there not Just for Colin but For Mary Too, A Big Big Thank You to One And All.  

Rick Scott (Scunthorpe) 

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Nice words.

RIP Colin.

Funnily enough, I thought he was Mary's dad when I first saw him ( always) behind her at the WG


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Now THAT would put a smile on Marys face😂

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