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Horse n Groom Sunday Chillout 11/08 (11th Anniversary)

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Playlists from Sunday Chillout at Horse and Groom Doncaster (11th Anniversary) ........

Mick Waddington – 12-12:30

Little Anthony – Nothing From Nothing

Tony Fox – Love Let Love and Be Loved

Barbara Mercer – So Real

Cain and Able – Relating a Message To You

Clara Ward – You’re After My Guy

Artistic Sounds – Little Children

Tommy Frontera – You’re My Leading Lady

U/A – Gonna Take A Lot

Beloyd – Today

Rhetta Hughes – Cry Myself To Sleep

Bill Brandon – Whatever I Am I’m Yours


Bri Pinches – 12:30 – 13:00

Billy Kent – Take It All This Time

Kitty Haywood – Keep This Thought In Your Mind

Bessie Banks – Try To Leave Me If You Can

Notations – Take It Slow

Sunlovers – This Love of Ours

Caesars – Desperate For Your Affection

Jades – And Now

Nu Rons – I’m A Loner

Delfonics – Can You Remember


Joe Lakin – 13:00 – 13:30

Joe Simon – Pool of Bad Luck

Garland Jeffreys – She Didn’t Lie

Johnnie Taylor – Ain’t That Loving You

Anthony White – Never Let You Get Away

Ruby and the Romantics – Hurting Each Other

King Sporty – Thinking Of You

Hesitations – Go Away

Jerry Butler – Ordinary Joe

Jerry Butler – Giving Up On Love


Ian Johnson – 13:30 -14:00

Freddie Cole – Brother Where Are You

New Rotary Connection – Hey Love

Gil Scott Heron – Legend In His Own Mind

Lamont Dozier – Fish Ain’t Bitin’

Greg Perry – Come On Down

The Albert – One Life

Sonny Craver - Outside of Memphis

Sugar Pie Desanto – My Illusion

June Evans – Hardly Need To Say

Arnold Blair – Finally Made It Home


Dave Pinches – 14:00 – 14:30

The Impressions – Color Us All Grey

Adam Wade – Brother On The Run

Don Thomas – Train Keep Movin’

Brothers of Soul – Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind

Ty Karim and George Griffin – Keep On Doin’ What Your Doin’

Adam Wade – Russell Never Had a Chance

Young Devines – Ain’t That Sharp

The Street People – Baby You Got It All

Italian Asphalt and Pavement Co – Check Yourself

The Trends – Not Too Old To Cry


Mike Lowcock – (1st Guest) – 14:30 – 15:30

Ed Summers – Prepare Yourself

Ronnie Walker – Just Can’t Say Hello Once You’ve Said Goodbye

Jerry Butler – Simple Country Girl

Crown Heights Affair – Strangers When We Meet

Persuaders – Some Guys Have All The Luck

Whispers – Here Comes Tomorrow

Johnnie Bristol – She Came Into My Life

Impressions – You Want Somebody Else

Spellbinders – One of a Kind

Jackie Montre El - Doomed By Jealousy

Bobby Moore and the Rhythm Aces – Mr Starlight

Chollo Rivera and the Latin Soul Drivers – I Could Never Hurt You Girl

George Wydell – From Out of Nowhere

Ruby and the Romantics – Does He Really Care For Me

Sylvia St Claire – It Hurts To See You Happy

Jo ann Garrett – Stay By My Side

Sweet Inspirations – You Really Didn’t Mean

Johnnie Taylor – Just One Moment

Ronnie Shannon – Count your Chips


Carib Soul(Del and Michael) 2nd Guests – 15:30 – 17:30

Sass – I Only Wanted To Love You

Al Hunter – Early Morning

9th Creation – He’s Coming

Los Mozambiques – Lonely Soldier

Bobbie Houston – Make It With You

King Sporty – Born a Loser

The Tiffanys – I Just Want To Be Your Girl

The Sonnettes – I’ve Gotten Over You

Talisman – Shady Side of Town

The Light Drivers – Dreams of A Shoeshine Boy

Captions – Don’t Take Your Arms Away From Me

James West and ObsIdian II – When Is She Coming

Lee Harris – Don’t Let Your Love Fade Away

Walter Jackson – It Doesn’t Take Much

Gilberto Cruz – Baby Baby

Martin Riley – It Grows

R L Griffins – Plaything

Clay Brown – Why You Want To Change

The Rosebuds – Say You’ll Be Mine

Tobi Lark – Sweep IT Out Of The Shed

Lonnie Givens – Hold On To The Blues

Brad Lundy – Breaking Point

Ron Harrington – It Happened To Me

Thelma Lindsey – Why Weren’t You There

Brief Encounter – Human

Skip Jackson – Promise That You’ll Wait

Tony Daniels – I Won’t Cry

The Tempos – Lonely One

Lovelace Watkins – Dreams

Pat and Andre – Your Breaking My Heart

Edward Hamilton and The Arabians – Tell Me

Patty Stokes – Is It True

Freddie Terrell – You Had It Made

Tony Lampkin – Trouble Being A Man

Casandra – Darling Baby

Relando Domino – Never Thought

Rudy Stephens – I Feel Your Eyes Touching Me


Mick – 17:30 – 18:00

Paul Thompson – Special Kind Of Woman

Barbara Lynn – I’m Still The Same (Inst)

Unique Blend – Old Fashioned Woman

Tommy Tate – I Can’t Do Enough For You Baby

Dewey Jeffries – When No One Cares

Tramps – Stop and Think

Royal Lancers – At the Head of The Crowd

Arthur Adams – Let Me Love You Tonight

Bobby Burn – I’m A Dreamer

Soul Communicators – Please Don’t Go

7TH Avenue Aviators – Boy Next Door


Bri – 18:00 – 18:30

Lynn Vernando – Wash and Wear Love

Brand New – Thousand Years

Jesse James – Are You Gonna Leave Me

Richard Caiton – I Like To Get Near You

5th Dimension – What Does It Take

Ty Karim – Lightin’ Up Baby

James Fountain – Seven Day Lover

Purple Mundi – Stop Hurting Me Baby

Cynthia Sheeler – I’ll Cry Over You


Joe – 18:30 – 19:00

Ken Booth – It’s The Way Nature Planned It

Garland Green – Come Through Me

Bobby Thurston – Very Last Drop

Mighty Whites – Given My Life

Wilson Williams – It’s Gonna Work Out Fine

Temptations – My Baby

Barbara Mason – Keep Him


Ian – 19:00 – 19:30

Margie Joseph – Riding High

Kool Blues – Try Love

Herman Harper III – Headed For The Streets

Marcia Hines – Gotta Let Go

Barbara St Clair – Teacher Man

Will Collins – Anything I Can Do

Brown Sugar – The Game Is Over

Edited by PS-Soul
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Nice ! Great to see non rare quality like Jerry Butler getting spun !

oh , and the  Light Drivers !!!!!!  Epic !!!

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great to hear the Jades....And now....fabulous

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and for me , seeing Sugar Pie Desanto  ‘My Illusion’ getting a spin .

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Thanks Paul :thumbup:

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Bit of video from 11th Anniversary @ Horse & Groom



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