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Auto-updating seems to have disappeared ... ?

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Have just noticed that the New Content page that I normally arrive at has stopped auto-updating itself , not sure whether it's been removed or something I've inadvertantly done or if it's an upgrade glitch ... ?




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Steve, just checked  and all seems ok from here, updated automatically etc etc

if still happening maybe a browser issue? try closing down and restarting

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OK , works now on the "Activity" link but not on the "New Content" page as it always used to .

How do I reset my side to bring up "Activity" as the first page that comes up when I come onto the site ?  Tried setting "Activity" as my default page but it takes me to "Soul Source >Activity > New Content" each time .

No great problem but it would be nice to eliminate that extra click each time .

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are you clicking the 'tick' next to the feed title eg 'new content'

this controls what shows when you visit the 'activity' link - the default is 'activity' 



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