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regular weekend shout

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Well while still the weekend thought get the regular shout in early!

Yes the always busy "How was it for you??" shout.

Meself local boy this weekend, so no tales of lifts nitemares, dodgy 6am record buys. Just thinking and looking thru box, well maybe was some dodgy buys at the farmhouse.

While North Wales coast event at Bangor was centre of attraction for me, was a few other events on

Was passed on, thru mate that the Union Club was "full of bodies" and a great nite. No Butch showed though. On holiday ?

And some strange story about an "occurance" in one of the toliets, anything to draw in the crowds eh! lads :)

Lux niter on, heard the second one was better than the first, can someone pass on how the third one went?

And if got details of the planned change let us know

Heard recent Broughton was packed, considering both meself and event are in north wales, two weeks not that bad to get a report:)

Tales from the Darkside

Funny story about Brighouse, is it right that Ginger has took it over?

And its being renamed the safehouse :)

Apparently Richard was there, when deep in one way coversation with Ginger about policy as in what to play, was politely told by someone else concerned with event to leave it out.

All a bit strange these tales of far off meetings in Yorkshire Taverns, but the first question is, does the appearance of Richard mean that Jazz FM in future will now continually plug Prestwich, Bury and now Brighouse. (bit of a mouth full trying to fit mentions of all them in when doing weather forecast!)

The second question is, does anyone listen to jazz fm anymore to tell us?

Of course above darkside story could be pure speculation and only put up so could crack a corny joke. On other hand ..:)

Thats all I know from this weekend, so rest is all up to you who were out and about ...come on now

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