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13 tunes for sale

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hi got these 13 tunes for sale

to uk buyers only !!

all play great with no problems and all originals !!!

irene and the scotts-im stuck on my baby/why do you treat me like you do-white spotless smash demo nm £175SOLD SOLD

ty karim-i aint lying-roach records spotless labels ex condition-£150SOLD

the jaybirds-somebody help me/the right kind-1st issue uk sue vg++ (small name written on somebody side)£120

innocent bystanders-frantic escape-atlantic red/white demo spotless labels ex condition £40SOLD SOLD

april silva-under my thumb(great version)commonwealth promo-vg++ £100SOLD SOLD

linda jones-I just can`t live my life-uk warner brothers-ex condition £75

the whispers-remember me-soul clock spotless labels ex condition £40SOLD SOLD

rex garvin-queen of the go go-(big torch tune) tower spotless labels ex condition £40

porgy and the monarchs-thats my girl -sylves records white demo £50

fred hughes-don`t let me down(top tune)veejay vg++ £50SOLD SOLD

nino tempo and 5th ave.sax-uk a+m records (top inst)ex condition £20

innervision-gotta find a way to get back home/I just want to love you-ariola white demo  vg++ £50SOLD

Charles earland-drifting/ahead of your time-mercury white demo ex condition £50

postage £2-50 

paypal as f/family or bank transfer


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