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1975 TR6 for Sale


Ok here we go, I bought this about 10 years ago from Florida USA,and had it transported to Valencia in Spain. Due to red tape and me not being there that often to sort things out, it remained in the garage for almost 3 years. I then brought it back to the UK as I had a large garage to put it in after a house move. I got it on UK plates and spent a fortune having things done to it. The list is massive lol. Anyway I’m in 2 minds to sell it or take it back to Spain as I never get to use it. So it’s up for serious Offers, some go for £10k with work needed and some as high as £29 +. I’m not greedy so get your offers in. It’s Tax exempt and will have 12 months tax on it as of this week as it’s due. A top draw head turning car that deserves an owner who has more time. Lots more Pics if needed. Thank you Paul Kidd 






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