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OTIN - Congleton - 7th September


Coke Escovedo…..Rebirth

The Angry Men….Love is Gone

G.C Cameron…… No Matter Where

Vanguards…...The Thought of Losing Your Love

Earl Gaines….Soul Children

Chico hamilton…..Conquistador

Bud harper….Let it Rain

The cautions…...No Other Way

Troy Dodds…….. Try My Love

Jay Mitchell…...Catch The Fish

Major Burkes…...Break These Chains

Freddie Hill…..Mr Lucky

Len Jewel…..Paint Me

Ronnie Dyson…...Fever

Al Supersonic & The Teenagers…..Paint Yourself In A Corner

Citations…..Two For The Road

Reasons For Being…...Changes

The Love Rights…...Its Time For a Change

The Ascots…...Another Day

Roy Hamilton…..And I Love Her

Little Ron & The Esquires…..I Found Someone

Bob Marshall & The Crystals…...You Got Me Crying


We don’t normally put playlists up cuz we prefer you to come & listen ‘live’....however on this occasion we thought it would be good to give you a ‘taste’ of the type of music at our nights… we start planning for 2020



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Great stuff we start thinking about 2020 dates it's good to inform people of the type of mix we play there...not a playlist as such...because they can often act as a 'after the horse has bolted ' hence we never bother too much with them..

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