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The Victorians- Travelled?

I've been clearing my Ebay wants list and there are three songs on there that I must have put on in the very early days.  I'm only guessing but I think I probably heard these songs on early internet radio and not known what they were, so I put as much as I could remember onto the wants list in the hope that they might come up.  I've now bought one of them, and identified another, but the one labelled 'Victorians travelled' has me stumped.  It might not even have been the Blossoms Victorians, but I do think it was a girl group.

Ring any bells anyone?

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  1. The Victorians - I Want To Belong To You - Rowena 994 Dj
    Record Sales by donkit on Sun 20 May 2012
    • 2 / 530
    • donkit on 13 Aug 2013
  2. Victorians/i Want To Belong To You-rowena
    Record Sales by itsthebeat on Sun 05 Nov 2006
    • 1 / 613
    • itsthebeat on 05 Nov 2006
  3. The Furthest Who Regularly Travelled
    All About The Soul by 123-motown on Tue 30 Dec 2008
    • 28 / 1709
    • vinylvixen on 03 Jan 2009
  4. Most Travelled Record
    All About The Soul by jimmyw on Sun 06 Oct 2013
    • 13 / 1316
    • john s on 07 Oct 2013
  5. Ric Martin I Travelled The Road
    Look At Your Box by kevinsoulman on Tue 06 Jul 2010
    • 4 / 658
    • ezzie brown on 06 Jul 2010

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