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Philips FCD 563 80s HiFi Turntable Help!


Like many of you, I have found my old vinyl and started buying 45s again.

Last night I found my old Philips FCD 563 from circa 1987 - a bit dusty but in good condition.

It's the one where you manually pick up the tone arm, table turns and you carefully drop the needle in place.

To my delight and amazement it still works!

I put on an old 45 and after some minor resistance, the table started turning and the sound was pretty good.

Unfortunately, the record stopped short and the arm would not go to the end / middle of the record.

At first I thought it was stuck in a groove, but this happened for a few 45s and I had to pick up the arm to stop playing.

I can only see one screw at the back of the arm but I have not idea what it does.

Does anyone know if/how this can be adjusted? - there are no skate/weight options.

Thank you!





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the issue you describe may be a 'feature' of the turntable - if you are planning on buying rare records best get a better deck - sorry to be negative but I wouldn't play any of my original vinyl on that model

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Hiya Rhys, try playing an album it might play through. Those all in one things ain't great but normally have light tracking (ie stylus weight) probably best get a new turntable. Must say though people get a bit confused about this stuff. People rave about tecnichs 1210's etc but the reason why they are so good is not the sound, it's because they are rock solid and super tough with a powerful direct drive motor and because of that, for home listening they are not that great. Try project decks or similar. Cheers

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Hiya Rhys, there is a thread on here from a couple years ago about this but lots of conflicting views. Cheers

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Morning & thanks for the reply.  Will try the album idea to give it a bit of a work out. Someone told me to move the arm in as far as the normal end of travel and back when you hear a switch click on some decks as a kind of calibration.  Not sure if mine is that sophisticated.

I am driven by nostalgia at the moment but really need to invest in something a bit newer.  I am reluctant to play anything too decent, so everyone is getting a bit tired of hearing "Don't Give Up on Us" by David Soul circa '76.

Will try and find the thread.



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