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The clash of the Titans and others.


I have not been on Soulsource for some time so forgive me if this issue has been raised previously!

Earlier in the year I logged many of the events I was interested in and was not overly surprised at the number of events that were on the same evenings, close to each other, playing the same sort of music and hoping for the same punters.

WHAT DID surprise me was two of the established European weekenders happening on the same dates along with a relatively new weekender also on the same dates. These are Bilbao, Hamburg and Serena Soul. All three of these looking to attract the same people that love and follow the style of music they are playing. I know many who have travelled to these but expressed their disappointment at not being able to go to at least two of the three.

Why is it that promoters seem to be incapable of talking to each other and coming to an arrangement where they dont clash!

Over to you while I look for mi tin hat.

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Greed. Pure greed. Rather than avoid a clash and change the dates.  They think that why should they have to move. Been there got the tshirt.  When started on board helping to promote Winsford it was run regardless of the other venues,  specifically nighters dates.  So myself and other at the time promoters sat down and sorted it out so as not clashing. Took a bit of time and effort but it was worth it. It's not so much the nighter promoting these days as they're failing by the wayside as more people prefer a drink or early night rather than getting smashed.  . There used to be 2 or 3 weekenders a year all at seaside venues . All well attended.  Now there's probably 3 weekends when there isn't one and virtually every county has one never mind the European ones and further afield.  This topic has been done over so many times before that I don't think many people on here will bother responding. 


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How is it greed when you put something on the same weekend every year??


I've never been to bilboa weekender or Serena, but I can say that 60-70% of the audience at the hamburg weekenders are locals. Its hardly the same as two 4hr soul nights on at the same time in working men's club on the same street in a northern town. They're 

In hamburg, At least a third (maybe up to as much as half) or those locals are regulars on the German soul circuit with some travelling further afield. However they will always support home events first and foremost its a pretty solid community, geneally speaking. Some exceptions seen this Weekend, mainly due to the fact that Joe bataan was playing in bilbao, so they do travel. Not quite sure I agree it's the same crowd to the promoters though, maybe just to us brits who want to go to both?

As for greed, that sounds like a statement underpinned with some level of entitlement. They don't clash with any other weekenders or big events in their own country, so what's your point? 

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I don't think it's greed either, it's a case of I think I can promote a venue better than anyone else and common curtosiy of checking clashing dates just goes out the window. The other reason maybe they don't want their venue running when it's half term for schools. Flight, and accommodation price double or triple in some cases. Hence the promoter having to clash. 

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I`m not a lot on Soul Source myself anymore,  just seen your post a few minutes ago. We`re doing the Hamburg Weekender traditionally on the first complete weekend in October. We have the german reunion day on the 3rd, so a free day from work for everyone over here. People often like to stay a few more days in Hamburg for sightseeing and have a little holiday around the Soul thing.

I talked a few times with Alex, one of the promoters of Bilbao and they have a free extra day during their Weekender in Spain as well. There is no greed, harm, jealousy between us and we communicate before the events and wish each other a big success.

I don`t think something will change with the numbers of the guests (both events are packed anyway) if one of the 2 events will be a week before or after. People getting older and two international Weekenders in a row are a bit rough for most of us.


Cheers Ralf

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