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PAYPAL RANT...Vagabonds and thieves if you let em


Ok, so  I see a record on DISCOGS at 500 euro or nearest offer and being a 

wee cheeky Scotsman I though Id go in with a 350 euro offer to which the said no  but will take 400 euro.

Ok great me thinks..still saved about 300 on a full priced copy.

so arranges payment of said 400 euro to seller transfers with Paypal..charged @ 1.08 conversion rate £372 so pays the man.

Then hears nothing for 5 starts to dig and my mate tells me the record was bootlegged . So due to the fact he advertised the original label on the listing I asked the question is this the record for sale he said no worries there.

I then asked him to send me pics before he mails it just to clarify its legitimacy and pointed out the differences between the real one and the boot. Told him if there was any of my points valid then he had a bootleg copy.

Instant refund... would have sent it had I not questioned him

so refund comes in for the 400 euro at a 0.88 rate and its 20 quid short of what I paid to him due to PayPal's conversion rates.. the are more going out and less changing back to ££££s. Straight on the phone..ok its only 20 badgers but ITS THE PRINCIPAL OF THE MATTER not only did I not have a record I was 20 quid down too .. Not having that.. spent an hour on the blower...still  no joy.

Had I in the first 24 hours asked for a refund  Id have got it all back apparently but after that no...

I said who can buy anything from a other country and its there in 24hrs so you can claim a full refund if its fake.

You don't buy a toaster from ARGOS and 3 days later decide you don't need it  and take it back then they take off 10%.

so Im a tight Jock.. not havin that no way Jose.. So the Mexican woman said sorry it our policy... nothing we can do.

Gave up with Consuela and called Paypal Ireland.. I spoke to a lovely lass with great spoken not broken ENGLISH and she agreed it was wrong for a buyer to be screwed over this way and she refunded me the 20 quid... 








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Was it really a PayPal issue or just a change in the exchange rate ?. If it's the exchange rate then PayPal have acted excellently and to be honest can't really be faulted. I always ring PayPal UK if I have a problem and have never been disappointed. 

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Pretty sure that the profanities are completely unneccessary on a family forum ... :sleep3:

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On 08/10/2019 at 13:39, Gasher said:


I am so sorry you feel like this and I am sure most of us would feel exactly the same.......HOWEVER, you should never ever in todays world use such extreme and offensive language no matter how hard done by you feel and I hope that you either edit your post or removed from this site

This behaviour is NOT FOR ME

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