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Soul4Real Weekender - Bilbao Cotton Club

Friday 4th October 2019

Deep n Sweet sessions. 4pm - 6pm.


Bobby Barnes "Thankyou for loving me" (Poormans)

Soft Touch "Look up Look Down" (Sundance)

Ralph Weeks & The Telecasters "Something Deep Inside" (Sta4rs)

Overtones "The Gleam in your Eye" (Hip City)

Little Willie & The Rock Imperials "Tell me why" (Golden)

Aretha Franklin "Untill you were gone" (Columbia)

Seven Brothers "Got a Satisfied Mind" (Dove Song)

Sensations "Please Baby Please" (Way Out)

Ray Roberts "Look to a Man" (Charay)

ZZ Hill "The right to love" (Mesa)

Moody Scott "Darling please don't take my love for granted" (Kapp)

Statlers "Its a hurtin thing" (Sue)

Majestics "Doin the best I can" (Mala)

John Thomas "Who could ever love you" (Veep)

George Jackson "Cold cold love" (Public)

Savonics "I had a girl" (MTA)

Lyrics "How a woman does her man" (Goldwax)

James Wayne & The Soul Soothers "My last letter" (Key Lan)

Freddie South "I'll be watching over you" (King David)

James Brown "I cried" (King)

Halcyons "Too many tears" (Sphinx)

Small Society "Just loving you" (Cadde)

Don Hollinger "Let him go" (Alberta)

Mack Kissoon "I care about you" (UK Young Blood)

George Jackson "I don't need you no more" (ER Music Ent)

Johnnie Truitt "Your love is worth the pain" (Abet)

Jimmy Dee & The Mighty Dee Jays "We'll meet again" (Shurefire)

Young Ideas "Put yourself in my shoes" (Jerree)

James Brown "Lost Someone" (King)

Ron Holden "Can you talk" (Now)

Linda Hopkins "Romance the dark" (Columbia)

Rosco Shelton "I have some crying to do" (Sims)

Jeb Stuart "I don't want to leave you darling" (King)

Earl Gaines "The meaning of a sad song" (Deluxe)

Hot Property "Again" (Generation)

Little Joe & The Soul Brothers "Here comes the night" (Hot Cakes)






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Hi Brian,

Good to meet you in Bilbao at your magnificent set and thank you for inviting us to join you. I hope it isn't your final visit to Soul4Real as I love the Deep/Sweet session.  Favourite records were Johnny Truitt and the gruff voiced Don Hollinger. Biggest surprise definitely the Mack Kissoon (now ordered a copy).


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Hi Greg;

Good to meet you too.

Thanks for the kind comments.


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Boss set sir 👍👍


 Mick n Mo xx

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