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TwistedWheel Machester Bus Trip Twisted Wheel Blackpool


Can anyone reacall this event on Easter Sunday 1967?

I don't recall ever knowing about a Twisted Wheel in Blackpool with a "possible" affiliattion to Manchester. (Based on emblem Corronation st)  

Appreciate if anyone can share any history behind this?




soul Twisted Wheel Bus Trip to Blackpool

soul Twisted Wheel Blackpool

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Hi Paul

Take a look in general sales on this site, Cyberman is selling some Twisted Wheel membership cards and the dates and addresses on them would suggest that there was a link between the 2 clubs and that the Blackpool club was active in 1965. 

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back in the late 1990s  a paragraph by Bob ( not sure if the same member above) was part of an article on here I posted which mentions the Blackpool version of the wheel, owner, coach trips etc

can be read here...


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Both Abhardi owned - my old boss used to go to the Blackpool club - they all got sold bootleg tickets to see Junior Walker at Whitworth Street and arrived to find they weren't allowed in. Blackpool was a lot more poppy from what he told me.


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Many thanks for the replies / historical info.




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