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Stack of White Demo's

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Here’s a nice selection of tunes, all on white demo’s or as near as, a variety of conditions so please read carefully.

Sound files on request.

Please PM any questions or reservations.


Earl Jackson – Soul self satisfaction – ABC 11142 WD Ex- £550 SOLD

(Couple of sticker marks on label, vinyl shows use, visual grade but plays better than Ex)


Connie Stevens – Tick-Tock – Bell 922 Promo M- £300 SOLD

(Slick chick tune, sticker mark on label)


Sandy Wynns – The touch of Venus – Champion 14001 WD M- £175 HOLD

(Lovely copy)


Gene Chandler – Nothing can stop me – Constellation 149 WD M- £75 SOLD

(Immaculate, the way to have it)


Poppies – There’s a pain in my heart – Epic 10086 WD M- £150 SOLD

(Date stamp on label)


Tamiko Jones – I’m spellbound – Golden World 40 WD M- Ex £250

(Sleeve marks, plays M-)


Brenda Jones – Big mistake – Mercury 73482 WD Ex- £675 SOLD

(The copies I have had all have light feedback from the actual pressing, this does some have some light marks that contribute to pops at the start, but otherwise playback is great, name on flip label)


Lonnie Lester – You can’t go – Nu-Tone 210 WD Ex+ £300 SOLD

(Just a couple of small pressed in bubbles)


Walter Jackson – After you there can be nothing – Okeh 7256 WD M- £75

(Immaculate copy of this high class beat ballad)


Ben Zine – Village of tears – Parkway 996 WD Ex- £100 SOLD

(Some light streaks on vinyl that do not affect play, so visual grade, plays Ex+)


Rubaiyats – Omar Khayyam – Sansu 456 WD Ex £200



Rose Brooks – I’m moanin’ – Soul City 750 WD Ex- £200

(Sticker mark on flip label)


Duke and Leonard – Just do the best you can – Stomp Town 101 WD M- £300 SOLD

(Stunning copy and so rare on demo)


Ike & Tina Turner – Dust my broom – Tangerine 1019 WD M- £100

(Immaculate WEST COAST demo!)


Elbie Parker – Please keep away from me – Veep 1246 WD Ex- £600 HOLD

(Lots of sleeve lines, but plays rock solid, with little feedback)




£2.50 – 1st Class Signed For insured up to £50 (at buyers risk if used for over £50)
£7.50 – Special Delivery full insurance for 45’s up to £500
£8.50 – Special Delivery full insurance for 45’s up to £1000
Overseas on request


Cheers, Lee

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Hi Lee, great list I’m looking for a  Rose

st John  on veep.


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Hi Neil, sorry mate, can't help at present with that one, ATB, Lee

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Please direct any comments / communications via the private messaging system as stated in the guidelines.


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