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Honey Cone, Loleatta Holloway, Harold Melvin plus more.

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Some nice 70s dancers FOR SALE at reasonable prices, in M- condition and including P&P. (UK only)

£10 each.

LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY I know where you're coming from / The show must go on AWARE (Two cracking Sam Dees compositions)

BRENTON WOOD Can you dig it/Great big bundle of love DOUBLE SHOT.

Z.Z. HILL Personally MALACO.

HAROLD MELVIN & BLUE NOTES Tell the world how I feel about 'cha baby PHILLY INT.

HONEY CONE One monkey don't stop no show (Parts 1 and 2) HOT WAX.

HONEY CONE Want ads/We belong together HOT WAX.

ARTHUR PRYSOCK All I need is you tonight POLYDOR (Canada).

soul DSCF3069

soul DSCF3070

soul DSCF3071

soul DSCF3072

soul DSCF3073

soul DSCF3074

soul DSCF3075

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