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Truesoul sales


Truesoul sales 

Ty Karim, I ain’t lying, Roach £125 ex SOLD 

Jimmy Delphs, am I losing you Karen w/d £75 ex 

Johnny mae Matthews, lonely you’ll be, Atco w/d £65 ex 

Pete Warner, I just want to spend my life with you, polydor £75 m- 

The butlers, laugh laugh laugh, Phila £45 m- 

Marshall & the chilites, price of love, Dakar w/d £50  

The citations, keep the faith, ballad m- £30
For these and many more cracking collectibles please check out the site www.truesoul.co.uk we buy collections money waiting very fair price givin 

soul 6056B971 51A1 4AAA 8303 58CC75BB60C7

soul F552BA5F 4D8D 4F48 B368 DA1CD3942D06

soul BB2A39BB 83D9 4CD6 A918 8A30F4086856

soul 579B6922 0D31 48CB 990B E49FAFA641F7

soul 212D18DC B47C 4666 9A8B F7E1E3B77271

soul 74C50523 6698 4894 97A8 4B65F8150556

soul B333191B BC40 4859 94EF 265E8D929461

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I'd give you 70 for pete Warner?

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sorry for late reply been on holiday 

yeh thats cool add £3,50 postage please

colin@truesoul,co,uk friends and family 

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