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New York tips


Hi! I'm goin' to New York with the wife in a few days for a short holiday. Got any suggestions? Record shops, music venues, bars, places to see etc. Thank you in advance

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Best value trip is the boat all the way around Manhattan. You will see so much that way.

Obviously the Staten Island ferry.....It's free!

Loads of great Irish bars.

Check what's on at Madison Square Gardens...

The one tower at ground zero.

So much to do, but plan every minute, and loads of photos.


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Helicopter trip ( magical) ,,,horse and buggy ride (very romantic),,, but most of all don't keep looking up the buildings are very tall and will give you a sore neck Stephen 

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BB King's Blues Bar is worth a visit. Som egood live acts play there.

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Hi, stayed in Manhattan for a week last summer, visited a dozen or so record stores, would recommend SUPERIOR ELEVATION, HUMAN HEAD, NORTHERN LIGHTS (all Brooklyn), also ACADEMY (12th St Manhattan), didn't get to the Bronx, but I think there are 5 or 6 to look at there.  Good flea market near Flat Iron building (can't remember if Sat or Sun morning), picked up a few decent 45's and LP's.  If you are anywhere near the Kip's Bay area, would recommend TIVOLI restaurant / Diner, excellent and not expensive, 283, 3rd Ave, Manhattan, and for large selection of Beer and craft ales, ALBION Bar, 575, 2nd Ave.

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