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The There's That Beat! Guide to the Philly Sound

(The There's That Beat! Guide to) The Philly Sound - an essential book by Dave Moore and Jason Thornton.

BACK IN STOCK!!! If you missed it the first time round we now have this huge and comprehensive reference book on Philly soul back in stock. Cheapest you'll find it anywhere on-line, guaranteed - AND includes free postage - no mean feat when you consider this tome weighs in at well over 3kg! Ideal christmas present opportunity! Limited stock so be quick.

The blurb..."How Philly became the epicenter of black music: The passionate team behind the highly acclaimed northern soul magazine There's That Beat! presents here in over 690 lavishly designed pages, their in-depth investigation of how Philadelphia became the hottest city in the American pop music industry, not only once, but twice! This meticulously researched book tells the remarkable story of the music entrepreneurs, record labels and recording studios, all of which contributed to what became known to the world as the Philly Sound. All beautifully presented in full sumptuous coloured detail including a multitude of rare soul / R&B discs and loads of vintage photographs and memorabilia. A quality point of reference and a magnificent book for any serious soul fanatic as well as a must for every true northern soul collector." (hardcover, new. Note this item is available to UK and European customers only at present, sorry! Cost shown includes courier delivery. No additional postage costs are applied at checkout). Order now via link at A Nickel And A Nail:




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