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£60 a few years ago for a minter

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First off , the prices of items like this can always fluctuate so to give a real true value depends on a few things but most of all , what someone will pay for it at any given time.

This particular patch doesn’t show up as much as a lot of the other common Wigan Anniversary patches but is not as rare as say the “I’m on my way “ Wigan Patch or the Tommy Hunt .

The price Karl said is about right .10 years ago it might have been a bit more , £60 - £100 depending on condition. But now I’d say between £30-£50 on a good day .

£5 is not realistic , even though some may say that’s all they would pay.

There are those that scoff at collecting patches and say “ why would you collect something that you never went to” or so called “earned the right” to have. Maybe that could be true if you had bought them to wear out to events , but it’s nonsense to say your shouldn’t collect anything that you never participated at or just had an interested in.

Collecting Northern Soul memrobillia is like any other form collecting. It’s not about what others think and you don’t do it ,or shouldn’t do it,for investment or profit. Collectors are oddball characters , I know , I’m one. 

I’ve collected Northern stuff since I was 15 , nearly 50 years , and it has never stopped. 

Why, because it’s about nostalgia.

It can transport you back in time just as much as putting one of my old 45’s on. It takes me back to one of the most carefree, enjoyable times of my life , when the most fear was being caught by the DS at Wigan Station or being caught trying to bunk the train. 

Whatever you get for it , all I would say is try to make sure you sell your stuff to someone that will cherish it. Not to someone that wants to make a quick buck and stick it back on evilBay the same week they buy it.

And if anyone has anything to pass on or let go of , please give me a PM .. always in the market for my collection to grow , even if the other half says we should be downsizing . 


Best of luck .






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The rarer Wigan patches, the early ones regularly fetch upwards £80.  The more common ones are often on ebay £30/40. This as Steve says is probably somewhere in the middle with regards to how often you see it for sale. 

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