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Thanks Mike. Great pics there, bought back a lot of memories.

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Posted (edited)

Looks just like  what PYMCA did in the late 9ts, but we represented photographers and imagery from all over the world, PYMCA was a commercial picture library attached to Swinstead Publishing. 


Here is the reason I got the job, I told who was on their pics, and even the current price of that 45 🙂 lol

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Load more pics and marketing pack from their launch..,

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soul 87C916E8 C190 4EF6 872D 8D4CEB5413AE

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Good photos Mal.

can remember them Vicks vapour rub tops, people used to use the in-halers when they were pilled up as well as rubbing Vicks under there noses. Mad times....kind regards...Rob

p.s...the lad mentioned looked like he could do with a kip and a good Bernie inn steak😂😂

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