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Carl Hall - Need Somebody to Love Atlantic Issue


Hello ... Just a small question : What would be the average price of Carl Hall "Need Somebody to Love" issue on Atlantic. I almost always see the demo being sold.

There's one copy on Popsike at $237 ... but I suppose that it's not a realistic price at all. 

Many thanks 🙂 

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It's a rare one to find with "Change With The Seasons" on the b-side. Only one sale on Popsike over 3 years ago and one sale on Discogs. It's probably rarer than his Columbia Issue which is on Discogs for a crazy £1800. 

He's an iconic artist with a great voice. I don't know what price the Atlantic 45 should be, it would depend on how many people are after it. It's like the Sam Moore and Lorraine Johnson Issues on the same label, they do show up now and then but you'll see a lot more Mono/Stereo demos.

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