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Cartridge head shell sets


I’m looking out for a pair of turntable cartridges/headshells for my 2 turntables we use for djing any ideas on what sort I should be looking for and what’s a good price? They will be used around 6 times per year average turntable time is around 6hours .. TIA Stu

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As no one else has yet chimed in 🙂Ortofon concordes? which ones though depends on budget and intended use I guess, I've got my eye on 2 x Mk2 clubs for my home studio set up -  they get good reviews from DJ's, not cheap though. (The Reloop 'made by ortofon' ones also seem good and are cheaper.) Main factor if playing expensive soul records is to get ones that won't knacker your records?

Features of Mk2 club

Ideal for club DJs, audio enthusiasts and music producers

Delivers best sound quality achievable for traditional vinyl playback

Special-elliptic stylus for detail sound quality

Specialised stylus fits better in the record’s groove for improved audio detail

8mV output voltage requires less gain from preamp, resulting in cleaner sound reproduction

Less susceptive to feedback in live environments

Complete with metal carrying case for protecting your cartridges whilst on the move

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Sounds great I’ve seen a set of ortofon including case just seems a lot to take in lots of information to take on board .. the pair I’ve seen have been reduced from £263 to 154 and seem suitable for what I want just so many to choose from 

ortofon Concorde Mk11 twinset 

Without case and cleaning brush £135 a pair do assume this is roughly what I need to pay .. thank  as for your info 

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