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i have a battered acetate which only partially plays ,and that bit is very poor........however i remember when i bought it it was brill 2 sided  northern with a blues edge  unfortunatly  when i tried to record it the day after it arrived  it it flaked off the metal badly......only disernable  info on label is ....CHARLES FARRINGTON ....  title  unreadable then......... ENOUGH ....INTERNATIONAL RECORDING CO. chicago ill. with a number es 8-4848

anyone know what where or who and how ???? cheers ez

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I've never heard of Charles Farrington but, there's this artist who also recorded for Hawk - 


soul Farren

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I can't add anything for the artist Charles Farrington...but i can tell you a few things about International Record Co, Chicago. And maybe that will help you /others find Charles.

International Record Co (IRC) operated (simultaneously addressed at times)from 1649 W.Evergreen, Chicago 60622 and 5619 W. Division, Chicago.

The prexy was Vern Ruvalds, Chairman Jerome V. Man, GM Leonard March, sales mgr Bill Beyer. Vern Ruvalds was a respected music man and as early as 1962 addressed the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences. These folks (some of) also had some connection with Winner Music (Dorothy March see Leonard March ref- also wrote and had Winner published credits).

Vern was a hands-on engineer ;see The Chymes, 'Dancing Shoes', and owned Chicago Stereo Mastering.

you can read other stuff about IRC (that isn't included in my bit) here -https://www.bsnpubs.com/chicago/irc/irc.html


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Posted (edited)

thanks both.. re reading the label it may be ..........ferrington............ez

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