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Ohio Players LP inc. "You dont mean it"

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Ohio Players - First impressions - UK DJM vg++ / Ex - vinyl, cover as shown. Fab mid 70s-released retrospective (same the US Trip LP, just a couple of years later) on the Ohio Players. Lots of earlier material including "You don’t mean it" (of course!), and other nice tracks "Tresspassin’", "Tell me why" and “Alabama Soupbone” - which if pitched up a little makes for a great Detroity instrumental ! Couple of superficial scratches here and there but none audible and plays as ex. £16 plus £4 UK post secures (bit more for overseas post) 

soul 19A3711F 735E 44F5 94D3 7C70E24F30C4

soul 8144A0E4 9A8E 4196 93A5 0CCA536A2FAD

soul 0DEDB3F3 F56B 4B7C AE19 B4066B191AEA

soul 3123A492 0421 4166 B70D BFB3B3594553

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