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GREAT PRICES ON THIS BATCH FOLKS -PayPal as a gift £2.70 UK Recorded-World £9 to Track £5 Standard 

Tyrone Asley-I want my baby back/let me be your man-Phil-la of Soul-Boom another 2 crackers in one Ex £20

The Salem Travelers-give me liberty -Checker ex on the much harder design and immaculate copy a snip at £20

The Family Circle-i hope you really love me-Sky Disc ex 2 killa sides a record on the up get it now folks £25

Manhattans-i cant stand for you to leave me-Delux vg+ £15

The Soul Stirers-im trying to be your friend-Jewel ex £25 essential record at that price absolutely essential £20

Johnny Moore -just be for real/i just want-Brunswick demo 2 immaculate perfect xover sides GREAT PRICE ex £25

John Gary Williams-the whole dam world is going crazy-Stax EX essential xover at a great price so good ex £35

The Cheers-mighty mighty lover/time to settle down-Penny Records vg plays with few clicks bargain vg £25

James Carr-pouring water- Goldwax ex £20

Darlene Winter-love high-Fee ex Interesting late number fab xover meets disco not on the gogs etc £50

Fantastic 4 -im falling in love-Eastbound ex £15

Hokis Pokis -Cant wait for love-Shield ex fab modern £25

Dynamics-Aint no sun-Cotillion ex fab cut still to have its day £25

The Forevers-what goes around-Weis ex incredible £30

The Vanguards-i cant use you /somebody please-Whiz £15

Al Pinkston Jr-I look i see-/your not there Tra Mo -ex stunner 2 fab cuts still obscure a must at this £60

The Esquires-how could it be/i know i can-Bunky Demo nm immaculate copy of this saught after Chicago £45

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