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Croxdale Inn Playlist 30th nov

Not part of the scene, but in my 45 going on 46 years as a soul fan, the chasm between Soul Music and the soul scene has never been so vast, which I'm sure is not the intention of the nice people at Soul Source.

The order is very, very rough and reflects a mixed clientele including a gang of drunk local gals who just wanted to sing karaoke:

Latimore - Dig a Little Deeper (2017)

OV Wright - Let's Straighten it Out

Eddie Hinton - I'll Come Running

Emotions - So I can love you

John Edwards - Tin Man

Jackey Beavers - Trying to get back

Dells - It's all up to you

Garland Green - Ain't that Good Enough

Melvin Moore - All of a Sudden

Margie Joseph - Let's Stay Together

Teddy Pendergrass (featured artist) - Love TKO, Be Sure, Is it still good to ya

Harold Melvin - You know how to make me feel, Wake up Everybody

Johnnie Taylor - What About my Love

Chimes - Still Trying to Find

Swing Out Sister - Am I the Same Girl, Love Won't let you Down

Womack - If you think you're lonely now, How could you break my heart, So Many Sides (request)

Beloyd, Flowers, Gloria Scott

Jesse James - If You Want a Love Affair (request)

Darrell Banks - Only the Strong Survive

Gabor Szabo - Breezin

George Benson - Affirmation

Donald Byrd - Just my Imagination, Dominoes (live)

James Brown - There was a Time (Apollo 2)

Eloise Laws - Love Factory

Willie Hutch - The Way we Were

Keith Barrow - You Know you Want to be Loved

Spinners - Ghetto Child

Bataan - The Bottle

Aretha - Oh No Not my Baby

Al Johnson feat Jean Carn(e) - Back for More

Isleys - Here we go Again

William Bell and Mavis Staples - Leave the Girl Alone

Barbara Lynne - Trying to love Two

Ashford and Simpson - Top of the Stairs

Temptations - Ball of Confusion

Four Tops - Keeper of the Castle

Marvin - Where are we Going, God is Love, Mercy Mercy Me

William Devaughn - Be Thankful (original version)

Maze - The Look in your Eyes (live)

Young Holt Unlimited - California Montage

Millie Jackson - House for Sale, Summer



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