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Motown/Detroit reduced


Detroit / Motown 45s


Motown/Detroit USA 45s  ALL REDUCED  - mostly Ex/M

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ANDRE WILLIAMS Rib Tips AVIN M            6

 EMANUEL TAYLOR   You’re The One For Me BERNARD M 20  15

 DAVID RUFFIN       Action Speaks Louder Than Words CHECK-MATE    E  40    25 Checkerboard logo

(wol, looks VG+ plays strong E)

 STU GARDNER Expressin’ My Love CHISA   M- 15 s/s demo   10

 DON HART & JAMES SHORTER It’s In My Mind COOL SCHOOL E+ 15 xol   10

 LEE ROGERS I Want You To Have Everything D-TOWN M- 15   10

 TIM MURRAY Thinking Of You DETROIT TRAKS M 45 light blue with dark blue text - first issue.   30

 LEE ROGERS If I Could Steal You Away DIAMOND JIM M-  10  8

 MIKE JEMISON Quick Change Artist / I Want Some Satisfaction GENEVA M   20    15


 PAT LEWIS I Can’t Shake It Loose GOLDEN WORLD  M   15   10

 GINO PARKS Talkin’ About My Baby GOLDEN WORLD  M    6

 (M wd copy)  15   10

 SUE PERRIN Put A Ring On My Finger GOLDEN WORLD  E 50  35  sticker removed - some paper residue remains

 THE REFLECTIONS Like Columbus Did/Lonely Girl GOLDEN WORLD M     8   6

 THE REFLECTIONS Out Of The Picture GOLDEN WORLD M    10    8

 THE REFLECTIONS You’re My Baby GOLDEN WORLD M    10      8

 BUNNY PAUL I’m Hooked GORDY M-   30  v sl ring wear    20

 MARTHA & VANDELLAS  Love, Guess Who / I Should Be Proud GORDY M-  (dh) 20    15

 MARTHA & VANDELLAS What Am I Going To Do Without Your Love GORDY M-  8   6

 MARTHA REEVES & VANDELLAS Heartless GORDY M- (dh) 10   (dh)   8

 MARTHA REEVES & VANDELLAS I’m Ready For Love GORDY M- (dh)  15  “Coast to Coast” plug stamp   10

 MARTHA REEVES & VANDELLAS Sweet Darlin’ GORDY M-  (dh) 10 (dh)   8

 MARTHA REEVES & VANDELLAS You’ve Been In Love Too Long GORDY M-  (dh) 10   8

 E copy 6   5

 EDWIN STARR Way Over There / If My Heart Could Tell A Story  GORDY M (dh)    15   10

 BOBBY TAYLOR I Am Your Man GORDY M (dh)  10   8

 E+ copy (dh)    6

 J.J. BARNES Now That I Got You Back GROOVESVILLE     E+   8   6

 HARVEY & ANN What Can You Do Now HARVEY M 20 WD   15

 TOMMY FRONTERA   That’s All I Want From You / Be Mine HI-LITE Ex 20   15

 TOMMY FRONTERA   Shy Boy/Dry Your Eyes     HI-LITE Ex 20    15

 PARLIAMENT Breakdown INVICTUS M    15   10

 PARLIAMENT Red Hot Mama INVICTUS M    15  10

 JOHNN BILLY WEST Nothing But A Devil   INVICTUS    M    10  8

 LEE HARVEY Need Of Love / False Pride  KRIS VG 20   15 slight yellowing to parts of label. Deep soul flip.

 THE MASQUERADERS A Family LA BEAT   MINT unplayed stock copy  10  8

 DIANE LEWIS Please Let Me Help You / My Darlin’ LOVE E+ 15  10

 BETTY LAVETT Witchcraft In The AIr LU-PINE E+ 20   15

 EDDIE FLOYD Will I Be The One / Set My Soul On Fire LU-PINE  M  (Vegas pressing) 10  8

 OHIO UNTOUCHABLES I’m Tired LU-PINE E 10 v sl ring marks   8

 J.J. BARNES To An Early Grave MAGIC TOUCH M 15 10

 THE MAGICTONES Together, We Shall Overcome MAH’S M 10 Red  8

 JIMMY “SOUL” CLARK Tell Her MOIRA M- 15   10

 DEE EDWARDS Once You Give It Up MORNING GLORY M- 10   8

 THE DEVASTATING AFFAIR You Don’t Know (How Hard It Is To Make It) MOTOWN M- 15  10 INSTRUMENTAL m/s demo


 BILLY ECKSTINE Is Anyone Here Goin’ My Way MOTOWN E+ 6  5

THE  FOUR TOPS Baby I Need Your Loving MOTOWN E+ 5   4

THE  FOUR TOPS Darling I Hum Our Song MOTOWN M 6  5

THE  FOUR TOPS Just Seven Numbers MOTOWN E  4

THE  FOUR TOPS The Key / Don’t Let Him Take... MOTOWN M (dh) 5   4

MARVIN GAYE  His Eye Is On The Sparrow  MOTOWN M- 10  8

EDDIE HOLLAND Brenda / Leaving Here MOTOWN M- 25  20

EDDIE HOLLAND If It’s Love (It’s Alright) MOTOWN M- 25   20

REUBEN HOWELL Constant Disappointment MOTOWN M 5   4  m/s demo

WILLIE HUTCH Get Ready For The Get Down MOTOWN M 5   4  m/s demo

HENRY LUMPKIN What Is A Man / Don’t Leave Me  MOTOWN WD  looks VG+, plays E   25  20

DIANA ROSS & SUPREMES I’ll Try Something New MOTOWN M-  (dh)5  4

DAVID RUFFIN Don’t Stop Loving Me MOTOWN M  (dh)10  8

DAVID RUFFIN I’m So Glad I Fell For You MOTOWN M (dh) 6  5

DAVID RUFFIN I’ve Lost Everything I’ve Ever Loved MOTOWN M (dh)6  5

DAVID RUFFIN My Whole World Ended ... MOTOWN M (dh) 6  5

DAVID RUFFIN Superstar MOTOWN M 5 m/s demo   4

THE  SATINTONES My Beloved / Sugar Daddy MOTOWN M 125 100  xol - rarest issue without strings, no company address  HELD

STONEY Let Me Come Down Easy MOTOWN E+ 10   8 m/s demo



TAMMI TERRELL I Can’t Believe You Love Me MOTOWN M- 15  10 

TWISTIN’ KINGS Congo pt 1 & 2  MOTOWN WD  Ex   35   25

MARY WELLS You Beat Me To The Punch MOTOWN E+  5

JUNE TAYLOR Pick Up The Pieces MUSIC NOW  M- 20  15

 CONNIE GRAHAM That’s All Behind You N.O.E. M- 20  15

 RONNIE GAYLORD & BURT HOLIDAY Love ( Where Have You Gone) PALMER M 20 15

 E+ copy 15 10

J.J. BARNES Hold On To It / Now She’s Gone REVILOT E  5  4


 THE PARLIAMENTS Look At What I Almost Missed REVILOT M- 8 35

 FANTASTIC FOUR Ain’t Love Wonderful RIC TIC M- 6   5

 FANTASTIC FOUR Goddess Of Love RIC TIC E+ 6   5  v sl ring  wear



 FANTASTIC FOUR You Gave Me Something RIC TIC M- 6  5

 FLAMING EMBERS /AL KENT  Bless You (My Love) RIC TIC M- 8  8

 FLAMING EMBERS To Share Your Love RIC TIC M- 10 Large text   8

 FLAMING EMBERS Let’s Have A Love-In RIC TIC (RT132) M- 10   8

 AL KENT You’ve Got To Pay The Price RIC TIC M- 10    8

 SAN REMO GOLDEN STRINGS Hungry For Love / All Turned On RIC TIC M- 6   5   red/black text  

(Ex copy 5)  4

 SAN REMO GOLDEN STRINGS Hungry For Love / All Turned On RIC TIC E-   5  yellow/red text. Slight label wear/discolouration

 EDWIN STARR Girls Are Getting Prettier RIC TIC M- 10  8

 EDWIN STARR Headline News RIC TIC M 6  5

 ANDRE  WILLIAMS You Got It And I Want It RIC TIC M  25 20 (last copy...)

CORNELL BLAKELY - You Ain’t Gonna Find  RICH E 20   15 looks VG+, plays E  

 J.J. BARNES Poor Unfortunate Me RING M-   8 v sl ring wear

 FANTASTIC FOUR Love You Madly SOUL M-  (dh)10 8 

THE FREEMAN BROTHERS My Baby SOUL E- (dh) 20  15  Bell text blacked out scuffs (nap)

 THE FREEMAN BROTHERS My Baby SOUL E+ (dh) 25  20  v. sl. rim chip (nap). No bell text

 GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS It Should Have Been Me SOUL M (dh) 6  5

SHORTY LONG A Whiter Shade Of Pale SOUL M (dh)10   8

SHORTY LONG Night Fo’ Last SOUL M (dh)10   8

JIMMY RUFFIN Gonna Give Her All The Love I’ve Got SOUL M- 5  4

JIMMY RUFFIN I’ve Passed This Way Before SOUL wd E 10  8

 M-  issue copy (dh)   4

JIMMY RUFFIN Living In A World I Created For Myself SOUL M- (dh)  5

EARL VAN DYKE 6 By 6 SOUL E+ 10  8

 JR. WALKER & THE ALL STARS Cleo’s Mood SOUL E    10    8  WD

 JR. WALKER & THE ALL STARS Gotta Hold On To This Feeling SOUL E+(dh)  5


JR. WALKER & THE ALL STARS I’ve Got To Find A Way To Win Maria Back SOUL M- (dh) 6  5

 JR. WALKER & THE ALL STARS Shoot Your Shot SOUL M- (dh)15  10

 JR. WALKER & THE ALL STARS Take Me Girl I’m Ready SOUL E+ (dh) 5

SAMMY WARD Bread Winner / You’ve Got To Change SOUL WD E+ (dh) 30   25

SAMMY  WARD Bread Winner / You've Got To Change SOUL WD E (dh)  25    20

TONY & TYRONE Don’t Ever Leave Me STON-ROC M 15  10

 BOBBY JAMESON I’m So Lonely TALAMO M- 20  15 

 MARVIN GAYE Gonna Give Her All The Love I Got TAMLA M (dh) 10  8

 MARVIN GAYE One More Heartache TAMLA E+    5 xol  2 globes

 MARVIN GAYE That’s The Way Love Is TAMLA E+ (dh)  5

 MARVIN GAYE & TAMMI TERRELL You AIn’t Livin’ Till You’re Lovin TAMLA M  (dh) 5

 BRENDA HOLLOWAY When I’m Gone TAMLA  E (dh) 60  45   DETROIT mix (DM WXL-114312)  2 stars stamped on label  

MABLE JOHN Who Wouldn’t Love A Man Like That TAMLA VG+   20  15

Date stamped, DJ’s stamp + initials in felt, plus wol - (notes - LWJ’s sister etc.)!  Looks knackered but plays VG+.

 KENNY LUPPER Passion Flower TAMLA   M 10   8 WD m/s

 THE MARVELETTES Danger, Heartbreak Dead Ahead TAMLA 2 globes  M-  (dh)10  8

 THE MARVELETTES Please Mr. Postman TAMLA 2 globes  H818 mix    E 10  8


 THE MARVELETTES That’s How Heartaches Are Made TAMLA M- (dh) 6  5

 THE  MIRACLES That’s What Love Is Made Of TAMLA      M- 10  8

 THE  MIRACLES That’s What Love Is Made Of TAMLA M-  2 globes  6  5 

 THE  MIRACLES (You Can’t Let The Boy Overpower) The Man In You TAMLA M- (dh) 10    8     2 globes 

 P.J. T.L.C. / It Takes A Man... TAMLA M- 15   10

 BARRETT STRONG  Whirlwind  TAMLA (striped) looked mashed but plays VG+. v sl  wol ( initials) on flip   8  6

SINGIN’ SAMMY WARD Big Joe Moe / Everybody Knew It TAMLA E 30   20
(034379 mix - v sl wol on both -sides, looks knackered - plays E)

 LITTLE STEVIE WONDER Fingertips TAMLA M- (dh)10  8

 LITTLE STEVIE WONDER Workout Stevie, Workout TAMLA E+  6   5  (label tear and felt-tip blacked over 2 globes logo)

 JIMMY “SOUL” CLARK Nothing Like A Mother TEEK E  25 20

 SPINNERS That’s What Girls Are Made For/Heebie Jeebies  TRI-PHI M- 20   15

 THE HEADLINERS Tonight’s The Night / You’re Bad News V.I.P. E- 20     15 “A” on label in felt.. plus initials “BR” and date 10/64 in biro.

 THE HEADLINERS We Call It Fun V.I.P. E+ 15 10 Large felt-tip “A” on label

 HEARTS OF STONE You Gotta Sacrifice V.I.P. E  (dh)15  10

IVY JO Sorry Is A Sorry Word V.I.P. E+ (dh) 15  10

THE MONITORS Since I Lost You / Don’t Put Off Tomorrow V.I.P. M- (dh)15  10

THE SPINNERS It’s A Shame V.I.P. M (dh) 10   8

E+ copy  6

THE SPINNERS She’s Gonna Love Me At Sundown / Message From A Blackman V.I.P.M- (dh)10  8

DETROIT EMERALDS I Bet You Get The One Who Loves You/I I Lose.. WESTBOUND M-   4  (1st - red label) 

 BUDDY LAMP I Wanna Go Home / Confusion WHEELSVILLE M- 20   15

 LEE ROGERS Love For A Love / Love Can Really Hurt You Deep WHEELSVILLE M- 15 10 small label stain on flip

 SAM BOWIE & THE BLUE FEELINGS (Think Of) The Good Times We Had Together  WINGATE M- 15  10

 MARK III TRIO Good Grease / G’Wan WINGATE M- 15   10

 SONNY STITT The Double-O-Soul Of WINGATE M- 5  4

 ANDRE WILLIAMS Sweet Little Pussycat / Loose Juice WINGATE M- 10   8

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