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The Tempests: A Carolina Soul Story BACK IN STOCK!

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The Tempests: A Carolina Soul Story - E. Mark Windle.

BACK IN STOCK! ORDER VIA LINK BELOW  In the mid-1960s, North Carolina was feverishly embracing the soul explosion. From emerging local R&B acts came The Tempests, a racially integrated band which stood out from the rest. Featuring an African-American lead singer with a commanding vocal presence and talented white musicians from a range of backgrounds, their powerful soulful delivery and tight rhythm and horn sections could not be ignored. The Tempests attracted the attention of the music industry through energetic on-stage performances and quality studio work. They would soon become a booking agent’s go-to for sharing the billing with national soul stars on tour in the south east. Part heavily researched narrative and part first-hand oral history, The Tempests: A Carolina Soul Story explores how soul music took hold in the Carolinas, the origins and influences of the band, their recording period with two major labels, hectic touring schedules, and the inevitable split.

But that’s only half the tale. Those early experiences shaped careers in song-writing, studio production and musicianship in popular music which continue to influence others to this day. Then there is the latter-day rediscovery of the Smash-Mercury recordings by a UK underground soul scene and formal recognition of The Tempests’ contribution to soul music following induction into the Carolina Beach Music Hall of Fame. This book continues the series in which author E. Mark Windle presents biographies of regional artists and bands who contributed to the southern soul music phenomenon of the 1960s (new paperback, 168 pages, approx. 80 colour and B&W illustrations. Dimensions 15x23cm).




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