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Brenda Holloway When I'm gone


Just got WXB mix and gonna compare to WXL.

To save time anyone know difference and what I should be listening out for.

Right now having played WXB sounds same to me but then not played WXL back-to-back.

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it's explained in a 45cat discussion, (I too have the WXB mix and so read this ages ago when wondering same thing)

tl:dr version

"There weren't two different "versions" of "When I'm Gone", but two different mixes, which is not the same thing. The mixes were made by the recording engineer rather than the producer and are differentiated by the two Matrix numbers. The rarer DM WXB-118209 mix is slightly sharper in sound and that's the only difference."


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Thanks for that- I played both back to back and didn't notice anything different at all . 

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Thanks Shufflin.   Appreciate that.


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