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Derek Pearson

'Being Young In Bradford' photo exhibition

Got involved at the last minute with a photo exhibition entitled 'Being Young In Bradford - a snapshot of youth culture in Bradford during the 70's & 80's'.



Thought people might find interesting my contribution.




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nice one derek 

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Hi Derek,

              Hope you are ok Derek, brill pics.

atb, Geoff

Edited by Geoff B
Just noticed info elsewhere

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Some great pictures there Derek, wish that I'd taken more back then!

Take care

Steve Barlow



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Great Pictures, great city, love the place.

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Posted (edited)

Update on this exhibition:

Due to the success of the 'Being Young In Bradford' exhibition at the Trapezium Art Gallery in Bradford city centre back end of last year we were offered some wall space at the prestigious Cartright Hall Gallery in Manningham Park, Bradford.

All the contributors met up at the Gallery regularly between February and March of this year to have a look at the space we were offered and work a wall plan out. All was going well and the projected start date for the exhibition was around early April-ish.

And then along came the Coronavirus-19 Pandemic and everything stopped in it's tracks.

And the good news is that instead of the double wall space we were offered initially we've now been allocated a full room in the Gallery. Wow! All the contributors have been asked to greatly increase (double up) the number of their wall posters. Time to go through all my folders, drawers and cupboards again.

And this time we've been allocated a small budget from the Gallery to cover any extra expenditure. Double wow!

Exhibition start date still not finalised exactly but all the contributors (including me) have re-started work on expanding the size and number of their wall posters.

As soon as I get more details I will update them here.

Ta. Derek

"Cartwright Hall Art Gallery is one of the UK's leading regional art galleries. Situated in the picturesque Lister Park, the civic art gallery has permanent art collections. In addition, the gallery plays host to a number of temporary in-house curated exhibitions and visiting exhibitions, working with partners such as the National Portrait Gallery, V&A Museum of Childhood, the British Museum in London and many more national and international venues".


Edited by Derek Pearson
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Derek great photos - is this a Friday night oldies Oct 80, as it looks quite full ?





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I've just come across some nice old photos taken inside 1960s Bradford mod club The String O'Beads - I'm not in any of the pics though - most of my all-nighters were in Manchester. 😉10428197_898198210238013_1833417409875590438_o.thumb.jpg.add8b35da5cf6b756ffc3376b3b2d48e.jpg





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