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The Drifters Girl : Beverley Knight from Oct 2020



Just an early heads up on another   Beverley's Knight West End musical  venture due to run at  The Garrick Theatre from October 2020 to Feb 2021 . Apparently its a biographical and musical production around the role of Faye Treadwell's  who took over  management of The Drifters after her  husband died in 1967.  The various variations of  this commercially successful vocal group are legendary and very complex and are still being contested, at one point there were believed to be up to 60 variations and the Treadwell family spent years fighting them and seeking to revive The Drifters success with Atlantic Records. .  Rather than trawl through claim and counter claim and Id direct you to her Guardian 2011 obituary .  Whilst The Drifters don't attract much critical acclaim in Soul circles Im a fan and also keen to support our own soul legend Beverley Knight .



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