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Numero Article - a Month of R. Hosea Williams



Numerical Digest Vol. 16, Issue 1

an intro and link to a fully featured article with some great info, photos, sounds etc etc

could say a monday 'must take a walk over' for the soul source type

Welcome to Hoseanuary, a Month of R. Hosea Williams

From 1969-1975, Robert Hosea Williams was the District of Columbia’s top producer, manning knobs and faders for Gil Scott-Heron, Hugh Masekela, Soul Searchers, Van McCoy, and a host of major label also-rans at Edgewood Studios. His off-hours, however, were spent holed up in his parents Silver Springs basement developing a shadow scene. Entire albums by Skip Mahoney & the Casuals, Fathers Children, Dyson’s Faces, The Shapes, and Phillips were tracked, mixed, and for the most part shelved alongside singles and EPs by The Summits, East Coast Connection, and Promise. An entire recording deep state, smothered by the boot of major label bureaucracy.



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