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I am spending the New Year playing all of my vinyl albums some of which, I confess, haven't been out of their sleeves for years.

One curiosity (to me) is that according to the track listing on the O'Jays In Philadelphia (Neptune NLPS 202), tracks 4 and 5 on Side One should be "I Should Be Your Lover" and "Looky Looky (Look At Me Girl)" respectively, whereas the record plays "Losing My Touch" at track 4 and then "I Should Be Your Lover" at track 5.  "Looky Looky" is not there.

Now I must have noticed this forty or fifty years ago, when I first acquired the album, but I can't recall the discrepancy or find a reference to it elsewhere.  I do not suppose my album is unique, so I wonder how many were issued, before the mistake was rectified?  Did later re-issues have the correct tracks and running order?


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Hi Kevin.  Mine plays the correct tracks - I would be your lover at #4 on side 1.  Maybe a different pressing plant.  Mine has a Frankford Wayne stamp in the run-out and is distributed by Chess/Chicago.

What’s “losing your touch” like?


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Here is an mp3 (if it works).  

My album is also Frankford/Wayne with distribution by Chess.  

Mastering by Frankford Wayne is etched into both sides

In addition side 1 has NLPS 202 XCSV1422 142635 scratched into the run out (and 18299 scratched through with two lines)

Side 2 has the same, but with #18532 [2] and a rather more professionally XCSV142636-1B etched into the plastic.

Kevin in Chester


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