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Mixed Bag .... Lenny Williams Fantasy, Pete Hamilton..e

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… Right old mixed bag up for grabs ….

All records graded under a bright spot lamp as you will see for the photo graphs below

The YouTube clips below are from the actual discs for sale though there is a full no drama refund if not happy.

Paypal (friends and family) or bank transfer only and it will be £3.00 for recorded delivery or £7.00 for Special Delivery (fully insured). Remember if you opt for recorded you won’t be fully insured should anything go wrong.

Payment within two days please.

1: The Stingers – Do the Cissy / I Refuse to be Lonely, STAX issue, W.O.L /S.O.L. in Ex Con. …..£65.https://youtu.be/Dl-MBxgxld4

2: George Jackson – I Don’t Have the Time to Love You / Don’t Use Me, the rarer Mercury Issue! In Ex con, small cello tape residue on the run out from having previously been cover up at one point …….£150. https://youtu.be/shgkMS7Tjus

3: Peter Hamilton – Hey Girl / Instrumental, Jamie WD, company sleeve, Ex con. -…….£180. https://youtu.be/4kzQJua3xsw

4: Bonnie Brisker – Someone Really Loves You / So Much Lovin’(Deep Inside of Me), on Magic City, Detroit gold this , visually VG to VG+,  plays heaps better, listen to the sound clip ……£100. https://youtu.be/73zJ9nb_GeQ

5: ****ON HOLD*******Those Two – I Can’t Treat Her Bad / If We Could Start All Over, on Mellic,  Label misprint on the A side (see photos) , VG++ condition …… £150. https://youtu.be/33GB5hoSyEM

6: Lenny Williams – I Couldn’t Find Nobody / Lisa’s Gone, on a Fantasy promo, its VG+ condition (a couple of audible clicks at the start) feint writing won label……. £280. https://youtu.be/RvvxMEJaftA

7: ******SOLD***Bobby Lee Fears – Exodus / Moon River, on Forward Records, Vinyl stain on MR side NAP …Ex condition …………..£60. https://youtu.be/HWYXWD6c2xo

8: The Feminine Touch – Groove Me / All Kinds of People, on Fem-Touch, WOL , Ex condition ……. £60. https://youtu.be/7Q5KngPSTCQ

9: ****ON HOLD*******The Exportations – I Want You / Find Another  on Vir-Go, Ex condition …………..£100.  https://youtu.be/Jy0xJRsgJVo

10: ****ON HOLD*******Betty Everett – Bye, Bye Baby / You’re Love is Important to Me on ABC, Ex condition …….£50. https://youtu.be/NE6uIvOUreA


Thanks for looking.


soul IMG_0774

soul IMG_0775

soul IMG_0776

soul IMG_0777

soul IMG_0778

soul IMG_0779

soul IMG_0780

soul IMG_0781

soul IMG_0782

soul IMG_0783

soul IMG_0784

soul IMG_0785

soul IMG_0786

soul IMG_0787

soul IMG_0790

soul IMG_0795

soul IMG_0794

soul IMG_0796

soul IMG_0797

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