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Warped 45,s,The Cure???


The storage warp seems to be an ever increasing problem to aged 45,s/Lps ,followed by the optimistic NAP?

Finally after buying a Jimmy Elledge " Cant stop a Man"with a 10cm warp from horizontal Nap,, ,actually played with double tone arm weight increase on friends deck ,not mine ,decided to follow the multitude of Ebay vids ,and go for the "Bake Off Method"'

As per vids try it on Cheapo disc first ,Had a Ashford Simpson Wb " Handkerchief " .Preheat Elec oven to 175 f ,insert disc between 2 sheets of Glass for 3 minutes,remove apply massive wait an allow to cool ,result Nada . !! As per Paul Hollywood  increase baking time ,tried it with Green ,Oz Stateside 4Tops " Lonely",{ value £6.50 } after 4 minutes, a perfect piecrust edge warp around 360 degrees, Sandy Toksvig and Prue would have loved ,disaster!

Not having any sense of Thermo Dynamic Heat ,had learned a lesson ,different thickness /dimensions of plastic {vinyl is a No ,No }, different plastics behave without uniformity !

Stick with the bucking Bronco cartridge effect, If it aint broke ,Leave it alone ,Ps ,Jimmy is unmolested ,the kind dealer agreed a

 refund cost me £20 ,Soundbird lable is adorable despite the Quasimodo Effect LOL Cheers ,John ,Malaga,Spain.

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Not convinced the warped record in the oven between two sheets of glass method works. I tried it with a Lonnie Lester and well and truly corrugated it. In the short run, you can increase the tracking weight of the tone arm, but this is a nuisance. In the long run, I would upgrade the record if it was a favourite that was played regularly. There are old record decks out there that play warped vinyl without significant deterioration so maybe need to sell on to another collector.

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I thought that this was about warped 45`s by The Cure!



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Posted (edited)

read this thread on here, ignore my posts just go the recommended fix posts


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Hi ,Shufflin,Frankie Crocker {Deceased ],Sir Cumferance ,foreskin??. Why The silly Names???

                  Are you Real , The Plastic is unimportant , except to you DINKY  TOY collectors. There are more important things in life !! ,  My post was meant as a light  Hearted observation , you people need Help Phsycollogically .

                                                                                    Cheers , John hart ,

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8 minutes ago, John Hart said:

My post was meant as a light  Hearted observation

it flew right under my head


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