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James Trouble

Motherfunk On Tuesday Just Gone

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Jen and I just got back from a nice couple of days in Scotland, I manged to sneak in a set at the legendary club "Motherfunk" on Tuesday night (in a kind of England vs Scotland way :lol: ) before getting the xmas shopping in on Wednesday.

I know I played more records, but the ones I can remember playing are:

Tickled Pink - Reach Out

Inner Souls - Take Your Time

Black Truth Band - Butter Nut pt2

Bobby Bird - You Know You Got Soul

Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up

New World - We're Gunna Make It

Nicky Newakers - Woman

Timeless Legend - I Was Born To Love You

King Tutt - You've Got Me Hung Up

M J Cole - Give Me Back My Love

Brass Construnction - Energy To Burn

Blue Rhytmn Combo - I'm Too Old

Robbie Hills Family Affair - I Just Wanna Be

Broomfield Coorperation Jam - Doing It Our Way

Harold Melvin - Praying

Parisians - Twinkle Little Star

Rufus Wood - Before 2001

Johney Howrd - The Chase Is On

The Crow - Autumn Of Your Tomorrow

It's well worth taking a visit to Motherfunk if you're in the area, as there is always plenty of northern and even more modern soul(we call it disco because it's not really modern anymore, now is it? :D ).

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