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3 us originals,2 uk releases and a good old 70's boot

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Post £1.60 first class,£3 recorded UK only

PayPal as friends or cheque/postal order/cash in recorded envelope

IMG_20200114_112008_725.thumb.JPG.2580061567eead982d0be750cec24d2f.JPGCharlie Gracie Ex £90(Sold)

IMG_20200107_140949_350.thumb.JPG.3ff50dbe309d75f21268655bc2cea234.JPGTrieste Ex £15(Sold)

IMG_20200107_140922_761.thumb.JPG.2c9c3a3267ffa4683c1048c66afd3648.JPGThe Montclairs Ex £15(Sold)

IMG_20200112_190509_978.thumb.JPG.82c3624eff0b35ff006ef06761911e81.JPGKaren Young Ex £25

imageproxy.php?img=&key=e748d1d82b514a54IMG_20200114_111951_739.thumb.JPG.67dfab9283721840963637561276e615.JPGDean Parrish £10 (couple of clicks on intro then Ex , signed sleeve

IMG_20200111_153845_119.thumb.JPG.574375b9b827b49cd7ffd87948b4c9cb.JPGJohnny Bragg Ex £5 (70's pressing)

Clips for reference only not taken from discs on sale, thanks for looking

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