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Massive rarities & classics Celebrities, Matt Brown, etc

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Big rarities sales list. Paypal only + paypal charges. 

Shipping from Japan is £13 trackable

The Celebrities - I Choose You Baby (Boss) Looks VG plays VG++ or better - £2k SOLD

Matt Brown - Everyday (Jarval) VG+ (light crackle at beginning) - £750 HOLD

Donna Colman - Your loves too strong (Avin) EX+ visually but some dirt in grooves giving background noise apparent at the beginning before song really kicks in, so marking down to a VG++ £400

Charles Otis - I See love girl (Caraljo) VG+ £375  SOLD

El Anthony - We've been in love too long (La Cindy) VG++ (writing on label but plays a lot better than it looks.) £250 SOLD

Cam Cameron - They Say (Capri) EX+ £185

Ray Mitchell Explosion - Super Town (same backing as Gangster Boy) (Apple Ray) - EX+ £175

Archie Bell - A thousand wonders (Spanish Atlantic w/PS - Only way to get this tune on a 45) - VG++ £150 SOLD

Flint Emerards - you don’t know that i love you (Coconut groove) NM  £145

Exsaveyons – I Don’t love you no more (Smoke) EX (slight bubbling on label) £100

soul 2ED40484 FAEA 4D63 88D3 0BF5371D7147

soul 4C8A3EA4 DE47 41E6 93CB 9F87B871E89B

soul 3C46DFF9 9327 46A5 B05B E31129ED012F

soul 34B280DF E5BC 4079 AEA7 18F45C8F9A2F

soul 1303B056 49F5 4392 8B3E 80D4149863A7

soul C0C3D492 24FC 46EA A581 83FB760B6B38

soul FBCCC755 D2C8 4380 85B1 9EA316BE739E

soul C45E9125 3A1F 488A 823B 17BB67374F4F

soul 0CAA479A 0253 4463 AF7A E4E68837F50E

soul 7E85901F AAAC 4187 90CA 727559567064

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