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A disgusting...shocking...and as I told him often through his OUT OF ORDER...individual...he made me cringe often as well as spew me tea all over my pute...and all of the above is why I loved... adored...and respected THE MAN...X 

Sadly...we never met physically...a big hug would have dealt with all. We spoke privately on issues across his forums and indeed he sought my advice once or twice and so feel the respect was mutual. was Simon's passing that has had the most lasting affect on my life which will ensure he is never forgotten by me...i'll explain. 

The week before he passed away we had spoken about some scooter club I'd come across with military connections. We were going to talk further the following week......alas. On that Saturday I was doing a soul night in Crewe... A rare occasion. I was busy behind the decks all night until 3am. The next morning I was stunned by numerous unread texts and messages telling the sad news of his passing. I was genuinely shell shocked...gobsmacked and sat in Crewe wondering what life... and indeed death... was about. I wouldn't see his comments more disgusting surprises making me cringe and laugh my head off...gone...forever. Death...that's it...end of. I felt real sad and pondered as to if that was me...have I left things unsaid...not done... and yes... I did have. I knew of a brother I had for 30 years. I tried to approach his mam back in the 90s but it failed...he was 4 then. So I turned my engine on and drove straight to Hull...where I knew he last was. Several hours later... I was facing him with a welcoming smile for the first time. He was now married in his 30s with 3 kids. He welcomed me into his life as did I to him...and since we see each other every couple of weeks and are a 'family' today... thanx to Simon... X I thought I was living life to the max... But had avoided that happening for 30 years. Mind you Simon would have pi**ed himself at the outcome as my Brother and family are dedicated Muslims and his wife is intent on making me a good Bengali boy ready to arrange a senior marriage between me and one of her villagers in Bangladesh.....he would be rolling around at that... I know. So tonight I go to his function with a genuine feeling of better off for knowing the man... and pass this on to YOU all from us both... DO IT NOW...because none of us are guaranteed...x

Thank you for inspiring me as your last act in my life Simon... I forgive all the cringy stuff...and tell everyone how you inspired me to a happier life... RIP... which I know is bo**ox because wherever you've gone... There won't be any peace... I reckon... X Enjoy the night... I will. Here's the result... My new family...meeting my 4 year old Lexy for the 1st time at Xmas x 




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Looking forward to seeing you tonight my friend. Talking about rubbish and everything else.  

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...and me hair is henna dye done by my new Sister in Law not orange.... Let's get that straight!!x Cuerdons had the last laff.... Sigh.!x




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