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Derek Pearson

Derek Pearson Bcb Radio Sat 11 Dec 04

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Bradford's community radio BCB Radio 96.7FM Saturday 11 December 8-10pm.

2 hour northern session - it can be heard via the internet on www.bcb.yorks.com obviously you'll need realplayer and all that stuff. So if you're stopping in and you remember try listen in. Played 40+ records off chunky black vinyl and a few CDs, all styles,all era's, all over the place. Name checked loads of friends as well hehehe.


I'll burn 80 minutes onto a CD so Mike Hughes can stream it up if he doesnt get chance to stream it direct. I'm going into the studio tonight to prerecord it and I'll post up my playlist asap.

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I'll post up my playlist asap.

And here it is - played a much higher northern content this time.


Sat 11 Dec 04 8-10pm

Darrow Fletcher ‘My young misery’ Groovy;

Syl Johnson ‘Try me’ Twilight;

Jack Montgomery ‘Baby take a chance’ Revue;

Marva Lee ‘If you can’t be true’ Atco;

Lonzine Cannon ‘Quit while I’m ahead’ Philips;

Erma Franklin ‘Abracadabra’ Epic;

Scotty Williams ‘Fear’ Mona Lee;

Jay & Shufflers ‘Always be mine’ Crackerjack;

Faye Crawford ‘What have I done wrong’ RCA;

Cody Black ‘A star was born’ Ram-brock;

Ray Hines ‘Why don’t you give me a try’ RNH;

Patti Ward ‘Girls you have to wait’ Road;

Abraham & Sons ‘Your mother understood’ Revue;

Four Shades ‘My world’ Ronn;

Soul Patrol ‘Save your love’ Highland;

Towana & Total Destruction ‘Help me get that feeling’ Romark;

Lavern Baker ‘I’m the one to do it’ Brunswick;

Jones Brothers ‘Lucky lady’ UK Pye;

Barbara Mercer “Call on me” Sidra;

Dynamics ‘Yes I love you baby’ Top Ten;

Dynamics ‘You make me feel good’ RCA;

Gospel Classics ‘More love’ Checker;

Undisputed Truth ‘You got the love’ Gordy;

David Martin ‘You’re mighty right’ Rekord;

Oliver Christian ‘Dissatisfied man’ Legrand;

Cody Black ‘Keep on trying’ Renaissance;

Archie Bell ‘A thousand wonders’ UK Atlantic;

Godoy Colbert ‘Baby I like it’ Revue;

Al Kent ‘The way you been acting’ Ric Tic;

Masqueraders ‘Do you love me baby’ Wand;

John Bowie ‘You’re gonna miss’ Merben;

H.B.Barnum ‘It hurts too much’ RCA;

Soloman Burke ‘Stupidity’ Atlantic;

Patty Livingston ‘I’ve got my baby’ Dimension;

Brook Benton ‘Where does a man’ RCA;

Kenny Carter ‘I’ve got to find her’ RCA;

Donnie Elbert ‘I got to get myself’ Rare Bullet;

Lee Charles ‘Standing on the outside’ Revue;

Willie Hightower ‘Walk a mile’ Capitol CD;

Tony Mason ‘Take good care’ RCA;

Fantastic Puzzles ‘Come back’ New Moon;

David Ruffin ‘I’ve got a need’ Motown CD;

Charles Drain ’I’m gonna stay’ RCA;

Willie Darrington ‘Never should’ve walked’ Rav;

Len Woods ‘I’m in love’ Revue;

Interpretations ‘I got nothing but time’ Love.

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I'll post up my playlist asap.

And here it is - played a much higher northern content this time.


Sat 11 Dec 04 8-10pm



sorry but missed it Derek...

throw it in post and will get it up

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