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Georgettes,Soul Majestics + 6 all good originals

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£1.60 1-3 first class

£3 1-3 first class recorded delivery

To UK addresses only

PayPal as friends or add 4%,cheques,postal orders or cash in recorded envelope

IMG_20200207_155030_244.thumb.JPG.edb7d565462d393fe5eed33e7029f572.JPGgeorgettes VG+ £50(SOLD)

IMG_20200207_154942_641.thumb.JPG.28184aa40a5cbc003cb4df102157a622.JPGnancy ames ex £30

IMG_20200207_155014_454.thumb.JPG.f324178526f926b6a86beb9ab91f5e96.JPGIMG_20200207_154958_849.thumb.JPG.d345ccb500696e564ac3d71d141b3152.JPGsoul majestics ex £35(SOLD)

IMG_20200207_155054_921.thumb.JPG.c7482030f4d0d32afda4850e6842175f.JPGgarnet mimms ex £12 ("factory sample not for sale"sticker on other side)(SOLD)

IMG_20200207_154834_383.thumb.JPG.c8b5aaf3d2ff310e4d803a794cd5f4b5.JPGIMG_20200207_154818_231.thumb.JPG.48205287bbf897d848a58e6b16f7629d.JPGsharpees ex £12

IMG_20200207_154919_149.thumb.JPG.d260d67ac6845bffd40aefbb965b12e2.JPGIMG_20200207_154852_507.thumb.JPG.b91233ebfbee872763e18a7d523c6f52.JPGlee sain ex £20

IMG_20200207_155119_529.thumb.JPG.122633c974c1a07e4e84437cf048b4f9.JPGmajor iv ex £12(same both sides)

IMG_20200207_154758_359.thumb.JPG.04b67c5ed2209600a748e2b84b81ea16.JPGlesley duncan ex £6


Sound clips for reference only not from discs on sale,thanks for looking

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Soul Majestics Please.

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OK Neil... Please let me know if doesn't happen 😉


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