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STOCKYWOOD- Filming around your town?


Whilst vaguely watching The Pale Horse on BBC, Sunday 9th Feb I noticed a very brief scene was filmed on Underbank in Stockport. The setting was for a shabby part of London in the 1960s so where better than Stockport. They used CGI to remove the scruffy shop front but kept the bridge and some of the the older frontage. Then after that had finished the same location was used for the Sport Relief BBC advert but this time as it is now with some startled locals. About 50 yards further along was the shop  used for a program last year set in Scarborough with Jason Manford. 

Anyone else had their locality used for filming?

The clip here is the Sport Relief ad. The shop, shown on the left at the start, fifty years ago was Ralph's Records, supplier of Soul Sounds bootlegs amongst imports and new releases. Behind the shop was supposed to have been a club where Jimi Hendrix appeared but I suspect that is a myth.


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