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TMG 555 Isley Brothers


Just seen a green and white demo of this. Seems strange to be in the middle of the TMG run of red and white demos. 

Can anyone explain this anomaly?


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Posted (edited)

The only Tamla Motown single to exist as Red/White and Green/White demo with the same number.

This 25 Mar 1966 release was still selling in 1968 and as a consequence, was still 'in the catalogue' - that is, your record dealer could order it from EMI. Accordingly it was 'repromoted' rather than reissued in late '68 using the then current Green/White demo label design.

soul TMG 555 White

soul TMG 555 Green

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Wow.  I love the information and knowledge that's available on here 

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Many thanks Blackpoolsoul

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