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Theft,fire and flood insurance for records


I’ve just renewed my home contents insurance and was refused cover for my record collection due to its present value (maybe time to sell some!). Another major firm covered it ok subject to an upward limit and reassuringly adding it in writing on the policy document. 

Boring subject, I know, but with values increasing so much, it’s well worth checking this out for peace of mind. Especially if you live in a flood zone.  Apparently one of our Lancashire dealers had his warehouse flooded a few years ago - I can imagine the time and cost involved.

Insuring a play record box for DJs when travelling is a different thing and while it’s easy to get equipment cover for a decent cost, theft cover for say £250 OVO at say average value £250 = £62k and not so easy or affordable. I heard Bruno DJ at Teddington last Friday (brilliant spot), and every single record he played was a rareity and most worth £1k+.  Scary. 

Policies I have seen can cap equipment (excluding vinyl), at £50k and only covers overnight if in a locked secure room at a venue. The venue itself may have cover but checking with each one every time is impractical. They may have personal third party liability cover in case someone is injured but that’s another issue. 

Wonder what others do and think and if any advice or good/bad experiences. We are lucky in that the northern scene is relatively insular and friendly in a good way with stolen records at events very rarely happening, so I imagine most of us just take the risk - or carry a weapon!!!…

Paul T


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Musicguard insured me. 

There’s plenty out there

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I don’t dj anymore but they had insurance for any of my equipment and records

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